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34ft. Long 2 Lane Tropical Slip-n-Slide w/ Splash Pool
34ft. Long 2 Lane Tropical Slip-n-Slide w/ Splash Pool


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Actual Size: 34ft.L X 10ft.W X 9ft.H

Monitors: Supervision IS REQUIRDED at ALL TIMES

Outlets: (1) Seperate electrical outlet, on its own curcuit, within 100ft. of the Inflatable

Age Group: 5 & Up


Displayed Pricing = Up to 6 Hours

(Additional Hours = 10% more per Hour)

Next Day Pickup After 10am = 30% More 

BEST VALUE - Next Day Pickup After 5PM = 60% More

Cool off the kids this summer with this 34ft. long 2 lane Tropical Slip-n-Slide. Give the kids something to really enjoy at your next event. Who knew you could have so much fun in your own backyard!!!
Perfect for Summer Camps, Block Parties and Birthday Parties

  • Recommended for ages 5 and up
  • Cleanliness guaranteed
  • Cancel anytime up until 8AM the morning of your event due to poor weather
  • Some travel rates may apply
 34ft. Long x 10ft. Wide x 9ft. High
Requires flat surface for installation.
Can be setup on grass or concrete/asphalt.
Must be within 80ft of a power source.
 GFI Required (ground-fault circuit interrupter)

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