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37ft. Long 2 Lane Slip-n-Slide w/ Splash Pool
37ft. Long 2 Lane Slip-n-Slide w/ Splash Pool


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Actual Size: 37ft.L X 11ft.W X 7ft.H

Monitors: Supervision IS REQUIRDED at ALL TIMES

Outlets: (1) Seperate electrical outlet, on its own curcuit, within 100ft. of the Inflatable

Age Group: 5 & Up


Displayed Pricing = Up to 6 Hours

(Additional Hours = 10% more per Hour)

Next Day Pickup After 10am = 30% More 

BEST VALUE - Next Day Pickup After 5PM = 60% More

Cool off the kids this summer with this 30ft. long 2 lane Slip-n-Slide. Give the kids something to really enjoy at your next event, while entertaining all your guests on this awesome 2 lane Slip-n-Slide. Who knew you could have so much fun in your own backyard!!!
Perfect for Summer Camps, Block Parties and Birthday Parties

  • Recommended for ages 5 and up
  • Cleanliness guaranteed
  • Cancel anytime up until 8AM the morning of your event due to poor weather.
  • Some travel rates may apply
 37ft. Long x 11ft. Wide x 7ft. High
Requires flat surface for installation.
Can be setup on grass or concrete/asphalt.
Must be within 80ft of a power source.
GFI Required (ground-fault circuit interrupter)

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