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Ladder Challenge
Ladder Challenge


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6 Hours


Setup Area: 24ft.L X 16ft.W X 10ft.H

Monitors: 1

Outlets: 1

Age Group: 4 and Up

Climb the Ladder

Try if you can to Climb the Ladder. Also known as Jacobs Ladder this inflatable is a challenging attraction that always draws a line of eager participants wanting to test their skills. Whether riders challenge themselves individually or turn it into a race, Climb the Ladder is a fun interactive for everyone to try over and over again.The Jacobs Ladder is a fun game for carnivals and festivals or large family gatherings that look to have a variety of attractions for guests to keep the fun moving. It is also a hit at fundraising events as it makes ticket sales a lot easier.

The Jacobs Ladder is just like the ladder game you see at the fair or amusement park. Try to climb your way to the top of the ladder keeping your weight balanced to reach the top before falling onto the soft, padded inflatable. This is a classic carnival type game that even adults can enjoy! Rent the Jacobs Ladder game for your next event!
  • 4 hour rental, staff included
  • Great for school, church, corporate, and backyard events
  • Recommended for ages 4 and up
  • Cleanliness guaranteed
  • Cancel anytime up until 8AM the morning of your event due to poor weather and receive a full refund of your desposit.
  • Some travel rates may apply
 24ft. Long x 16ft. Wide x 10ft. High
Requires flat surface for installation. If setting up on a hard surface please let us know and we will bring heavy duty sandbags.
Must be within 80ft of a power source.




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