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Water Tag 60 People/ Vest
Water Tag 60 People/ Vest


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2 Hours



Whether we're setting up an event at your backyard or the local park district summer camp, we can quickly and easily set up a challenging water tag arena in just 25 minutes.
Each arena is divided into two sides.
On one side, four red barrels and on the other side, four blue barrels. A neutral barrel (half red and half blue) will be placed at the center. Each team of four is placed in a diamond formation.
Each barrel contains 55 gallons/220 liters of water.
An electronic sensor is placed on the side of each barrel in a special waterproof pocket that count points live on a scoreboard, to see which team is in the lead and to give the players visual feedback and motivate competitive gameplay.


In an hour we will run through three different scenarios/games.
First scenario (stay alive):
The objective of the first game is to fill your opponent’s vest with water.
As soon as water splashes into the holes on the vest, the compartment below fills up and the yellow ball starts to float to the top. Once a player’s vest fills up, they aren’t eliminated, instead the opposing team gets 20 points. The player can empty his vest and reenter the arena at any time.
On the side of each barrel, 10 electronic sensors will light up either red or green. Shooting water at the sensor in your teams’ color will earn the team a point on the scoreboard.
The team that accumulates the most points from shooting the vests and shooting the sensors on the barrels will be deemed the winning team.


This game is based on the first scenario however, this time there will only be two sensors lit in the arena, one red and one green.
The flags are added to the playing field, behind the last barrel of the opposing team. To fill the flag, each team will need to take water from their side of the arena and run all the way over to behind enemy lines to fill their flag.
The team that captures the flag will earn 400 points.
The team that earns the most points from shooting vests, sensors and capturing the flag will be the winning team.


Here it’s everyone for themselves!!!
No teams, no friends. If your vest fills up, you are out of the game.
During the game the zone will get smaller and smaller. A player who goes beyond the boundaries of the zone will be disqualified.
The last five players in the arena at the end are the winners.

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