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Helpful Party Rental Sites and Information

For over 25 years, Jump Guy has been servicing the Chicago, IL and surround areas in roughly a 30 mile radius. Although we service many cities, we are unable to handle them all. Therefore, we have a list of helpful party rental sites and some information about them to help out in your search for the right rental company.

At times there may be some who landed on our website that aren't in our delivery area or we aren't able to cater to the event. For that reason, we have created a easy to use party rental directory to help you find another reputable company to help you. All of the companies listed below have been evaluated by Jump Guy to ensure they provide the same level of customer service and rent only the best equipment available. We know your event is important to you so we want to be able to help you connect with someone who can provide quality equipment at an affordable price.

Rental Company List by State

We may not have every state filled in with companies listed, so reach out to us if you don't see any. Chances are we know someone we can recommend. If there is a company listed that should't be, please contact Jump Guy today to inform us. We hope you find another company just as good as Jump Guy in Chicago, IL.

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