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Mechanical Bull Chicago

Yee-haw, Jump Guy Party Rentals knows how to party! No party is the same without a mechanical bull Chicago for rent. We have the best mechanical bull in Chicago! Our brand new state of the art mechanical rides bring your party to a whole new level of FUN. It offers hours of fun and best of all, you don't need to be a professional bull rider to take a turn on it. Indoors or outdoors, our bull doesn't care where you want to have some FUN!

Of course, our mechanical bull Chicago isn't just for rodeo themed parties. They are a great choice for larger events like carnivals, fundraisers, local bars, social celebrations, family functions, corporate events, and parties. You may have seen the large inflatable structures surrounding the mechanical portion of the bull at a previous event. Jump Guy has the large circle inflatable mattress surrounding the mechanical bull providing your guests with a soft landing. Invite your guests for an experience of a lifetime with our new mechanical bull in Chicago!

mechanical bull chicago

Best Mechanical Bull in Chicago

You can expect on the best with Jump Guy! That's why we went above and beyond to provide our customers with the latest and greatest when it comes to mechanical bulls and mechanical rides. Look no further, we have the best mechanical bull in Chicago available for rent. Who's ready for a ride?

The inflated mattress is over 16ft in diameter encompassing the massive mechanical bull Chicago has the offer. With the bull's creative movements, it stimulates a real bucking bronco. Our trained operators will start the ride off slowly increasing the speed and bucking motion depending on the rider's preference and experience. Keep in mind, there are restrictions for a rides height, weight, size, and health conditions prior to getting on our mechanical bull Chicago rental.

Our mechanical bull Chicago comes with a trained attendant to operate the mechanical ride to ensure all your guests' safety. With over 6 pre-set levels, there are settings for the most novice rider to the experts. Big bright LED time clocks allow the rider and guests to see the time ridden on the bull. Easy for competitions with prizes for a little extra entertainment. How long do you think you can hold on?

mechanical bull in chicago

Mechanical Bull Chicago Rental Safety Features

We spared no expense when it comes to our mechanical bull Chicago rental. Being a brand new ride, we went with a Galaxy bull being the leader in the industry. The bull's head is constructed of a soft soloflex foam in the event of an impact on the rider. Once a rider falls off, the automatic stop sensor engages to instantly shut the bull's motion down. When the rider is bucked off, an inflated mattress surrounding the bull will absorb the impact for a safe landing. Trust us to provide a safe mechanical ride for all your guests where all you have to do is hold on and enjoy the ride! Browse the best mechanical bull rental Chicago has to offer!

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