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Dunk Tank Rentals Chicago

Who's ready for some revenge? Jump Guy has the best dunk tank rentals Chicago has to offer! We are serious when it comes to fun and nothing more screams it then a giant plastic tub filled with water. Our awesome dunk tank ideas start with a hot seat over 500 gallons of water. Although the dunking booth is a classic game which has been around for many years, everyone loves them at any event. The most popular events are along the lines of the larger events like school carnivals, church functions, corporate events, sports team parties or festivals. Not only does the person doing the tossing have fun but all others in attendance watching and waiting to see who will be the one to dunk the person on the hot seat.

Each of our dunk tank rentals Chicago customers love come with 3 soft dunk tank balls for your guests. These large practice softball type balls make it easier for any age group to test their skills. The typical distance from the target may vary depending on the participant tossing. Browse our selection below and rent a dunk tank online, right here on our website. Don't forget to check out our carnival games to add a little extra entertainment to the event. We have something everyone will enjoy coupled with a carnival dunk tank!

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Dunk Tank
Dunk Tank

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20Ft. Purple Crush Water Slide
20Ft. Purple Crush Water Slide

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22ft. Tropical Water Slide Dual Lane w/ Splash Pool FULL DAY RENTAL
22ft. Tropical Water Slide Dual Lane w/ Splash Pool FULL DAY RENTAL

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Affordable Dunk Tank Rentals in Chicago IL

Jump Guy has some flashy new red dunk tank rentals in Chicago IL area sure to impress your guests. A dunk tank rental is a sure fire way to get loads of thrills for everyone at the party. Who's ready to sit on the hot seat? Looking to get back at your coach, teacher, principal, boss, parents or even significant other than one of our awesome dunk tank rentals is your answer!

With over 500 gallons below the VIP, they await in suspense until one of the participants are skilled enough to strike the target with our softball sized dunk tank balls. Nothing better than getting a chance to dunk your favorite person on the all-time classic dunk tank rentals for years in Chicago, IL!

We have options with the best dunk tank prices. How much does it cost to rent a dunk tank? Well, its relative depending on the event. We have customers who love them for fundraisers so the cost is meaningless. An easy way to make money for dunk tank fundraiser ideas is to charge participants a dollar amount for 3 chances at hitting the target. Trust us, you will have people lined up with their wallets open. Since Jump Guy is the go-to place for local dunk tank rentals, you have nothing to worry about.

Why Choose Jump Guy for Chicago Dunk Tank Rentals?

For over 25 years, we have been providing out customers with quality dunk tank rentals for their events. We only buy from the best and that is Twister dunk tank style with the large tubs. All of their construction is top notch in the industry. They are built to withstand any type of event with continue use of dunking. Jump Guy doesn't believe in any version that may resemble cheap dunk tank rentals. Our customers deserve the best and they can count on us to provide a quality dunktank.

When renting a dunk tank for your next event keep in mind the dunk tank dimensions. They are relatively large in size compared to the collapsible dunk tank style. Often our customers consider them a portable dunk tank since they are on wheels but they need a large gate opening or pathway. At the minimum, the pathway should be 5 feet wide or 60 inches. Our professional delivery crew will deliver and set up your dunk tank in a matter of minutes once arrived. We will instruct you how to operate the target mechanism and go over the dunk tank rules.

dunk tank rentals chicago

Steps for Renting a Dunk Tank

With our new easy to use website, you can be on your way to renting a dunk tank in a few minutes. Just click on our red tub water dunk tank to start the booking process. It's easy, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the Dunk Tank

  2. Choose an Event Date

  3. Select a Start and End Time

  4. Complete Customer and Event Information Fields

  5. Pay the Minimum Deposit Due

  6. Digitally Sign Rental Contract

Once the order is completed, our website will email you a confirmation and receipt. A few reminders about your party rental dunk tank will be sent prior to the event date. If at any time you have any questions about your rental please contact us to discuss.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dunk Tank Rentals

Over the years, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions on our dunk tank rentals from customers. We want to make every attempt to ease your mind when it comes to planning your event and we hope these help in the process. Customer service is our goal and that's why Jump Guy is the premier options for dunk tank rentals near me!

How much to rent a dunk tank?

Our rental price starts at $299.00 depending on any special delivery stipulations. The price will adjust accordingly to your event location, type and rental duration.

How much does dunk tank cost?

Often times our schools and church customers ask about purchasing their own. A dunk tank can cost anywhere from $2500-5000 depending on the manufacturer. Sometimes the cost of renting a dunk tank is a better option.

What is the dunk tank weight limit on the seat?

The weight capacity for a Twister dunk tank is 250 pounds.

What is the minimum height of the participants to be dunked?

The minimum height per the manufacturer is 48 inches which must be able to stand in the dunk tank above the water.

Is this a dunk tank for kids or adults?

While these can be used for a backyard dunk tank or school dunk tank, the participant being dunked must be a minimum of 48 inches tall. Any age of kids can participant in the throwing fun with adult supervision. At this time, this style is not made specifically to be a kids dunk tank. You may look at a reverse dunk tank which is a dunk tank kids friendly.

How much room is needed for setup?

The dunk tank dimensions are 5' D x 12' W x 7' H so you will need ample room for guests to get in and out of the dunk tank game. Also, plenty of room in front for the throwing line typically 20-25 feet at most for adults and 10-15 feet for kids.

Do you have any dunk tank photos or pictures in operation at events?

Yes, check our Facebook or website for additional information. We are always adding new images and videos often of the fun.

How long does the tank take to fill with water and is it included?

The 500-gallon tank takes roughly 1.25-1.50 hours to fill depending on your water pressure using a standard garden hose. Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver the dunk tank filled or provide water due to its weight at roughly 8 pounds per gallon, that's a lot of weight.

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