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Dunk Tank Rentals Chicago

Who’s ready for some revenge? Jump Guy has the best dunk tank rentals in Chicago! We are serious when it comes to fun and nothing more screams it then a giant plastic tub filled with water with a hot seat over it. Although the dunking booth is a classic game which has been around for years, large events like school carnivals, church functions, corporate events, sports team parties or festivals love having them for everyone to enjoy. Not only does the person doing the tossing but all the others in attendance watching and waiting to see who will be the one to dunk the person on the hot seat.
dunk tank rentals chicago

Affordable Dunk Tank Rentals in the Chicago IL Area

Jump Guy has some flashy new red dunk tank rentals in the Chicago IL area sure to impress your guests. A dunk tank rental Chicago to get loads of thrills for everyone at the party. Who’s ready to sit on the hot seat? Looking to get back at your coach, teacher, principal, boss, parents or even significant other than one of our awesome dunk tank rentals is your answer! With over 500 gallons below the VIP, they await in suspense until one of the participants are skilled enough to strike the target with our softball sized balls. Nothing better than geting a chance to dunk your favorite person on the all-time classic dunk tank rentals for years in Chicago, IL!

Browse our selection below and book your fun online, right here on our website. Don’t forget to check out our carnival games to add a little extra entertainment to the event. We have something everyone will enjoy!
Dunk Tank
Dunk Tank


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