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Affordable Dunk Tank Rental Chicago

Jump Guy Party Rentals has an affordable dunk tank rental Chicago can rely on. For over 25 years, we have been serving all of Chicagoland with our amazing dunk tanks! A classic yet simple entertainment solution for all of your guests. While only one person can sit on the hot seat, it is still FUN for everyone involved. Imagine putting your coach, teacher, principal, boss, pastor, city official or anyone you want to dunk on the hot seat. Great for fundraisers with those on the hot seat. How about raising a little money for a chance to dunk the VIP? Our dunk tank rental Chicago has to offer is a local favorite for fundraising events!

Step right up and take your best shot at our target! Who thinks they have what it takes to dunk your favorite VIP? Typically, we provide 3 balls where each participant gets their chance to toss the ball to hit the red circle target. If a participant hits the target, the person sitting on the hot seat gets a nice refreshing dip in our 500 gallon dunk tank rental in Chicago. All fun and games while everyone gets to enjoy and cheer on. Lots of laughter and memories will be made at your event.

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A Dunk Tank Rental is the Best Attraction for Large Events

A dunk tank rental is the best attraction for large events and the like. They are a great solution for church functions, corporate gatherings, schools fairs, town festivals, and more. With the function of the dunk tank, it allows for a large participation rate. Therefore, it is the most sought out item for school field days because they love putting the teachers on there. All of the students can get their turn trying to dunk their favorite teacher, or not so favorite.

In a matter of minutes, each person can have their chance with the 3 yellow balls. Each ball is made of soft, practice type softball sized balls. So no need to worry about anyone getting injured or being too heavy for the little ones to throw. We recommend a throwing line of about 15-20ft for the little ones and 20-25ft for the older crowd. No need to make it easy, unless you want to keep them dunking!

Our churches love our dunk tank rental Chicago options for their carnival dunking booth. It's the staple for fundraising and keep the little ones of the church entertained. Great for family gatherings too! Our local companies in Chicago like to rent the water dunking game too for their events. What a great morale booster when you get a chance to dunk your boss! A little fun with a twist of revenge. Browse our options and see why Jump Guy is the go to company for a dunk tank rental Chicago!

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Book Your Dunk Tank Rental Chicago in Minutes

Great news, booking your dunk tank rental Chicago IL takes only a few minutes. Just browse our website and navigate to our dunk tanks. Follow the simple instructions here:

  1. Select a Dunk Tank Rental Chicago

  2. Click Add to Cart

  3. Complete Customer and Event Information

  4. Pay Minimum Required Deposit

  5. Digitally Sign Contract

Our website will automatically send you a few email confirmations and reminders about your event. If you have any questions in the meantime, just reach out to us at 773-774-3636. We are happy to service our customers in Chicago, IL and surrounding areas with our amazing dunk tank rentals.

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